Contract address($WOLF3):
Buying and Selling Slippage
Buying: 15%
Selling: 15%
Slippage Allocation(both buying & selling):
4% for burning
2% for users who add LP to Liquidity Pool
9% for referrers
2% bonus for adding LP:
Users can stake BNB and WOLF3 as LPs, adding them to the Liquidity Pool. According to the proportion of LPs you add, you can share 2% Slippage of the entire network.
9% referring bonus mechanism:
You can promote the project and airdrop any WOLF3 to anyone else, which will bind them to you, and afterwards you'll get bonus from their each buying and selling.
How to refer new users?
Airdrop any tokens to other users for the first time (transfer also requires a 15% tax), that is, creating a referral relationship, bind for life, which will greatly increase the token holding addresses.
You can refer new users to Werewolves Game as many as you can. Likewise, the users you refer can continue to invite other users who will also be bound to you! There are 7 tiers of such referral relationship network.
Bonus distribution: If the player you invite invites another player who also invites others, that is all players involved here invite a user to Werewolves Game and that’s say a total of 7 people are invited, then you can gey bonus from these 7 people.
The users who you refer directly buy or sell the tokens, you will get 4% of his slippage. 2% for the 2nd tier, 1% for the 3rd tier, 0.5% for the 4th tier, 0.5% for the 5th tier, 0.5% for the 6th tier, and 0.5% for the 7th tier.
This is just one of the relationship networks, you can get so much bonus. Similarly, if you invite 20 people to play Werewolves Game at the same time and these 20 people also invite more users, then your relationship network will be huge! Your income will also increase exponentially!
Token Allocation:
Bonus for Adding LP: 2%
Token mapped: 23%
Marketing: 5%
Team: 5%
P2E Prize Pool: 65%
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